News: Shop Damen New Balance 999 Schuhe Grau Schwarz Rosa

Verffentlicht am: Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Shop Damen New Balance 999 Schuhe Grau Schwarz Rosacylinder petrol engines sDrive35i For relaxed cruising and New Balance 999 plenty of accelerating potential: straight sixcylinder petrol engines offer the ideal mix of weight and strength, paired with dynamic balance and comfortable running smoothness. A unique performance that the straight sixcylinder petrol engine of the BMW Z4 Roadster combines with elasticity and impressive efficiency.

The BMW TwinPower turbo engine in the BMW Z4 sDrive35i with two turbochargers, doubleVanos and High Precision Injection runs with a sophisticated smoothness that belies its massive power output of 225 kW New Balance Damen. Even more impressive is the BMW Z4 sDrive35is with 250 kW (340 hp) and enormous torque of up to 500 Nm for guaranteed and uncompromised driving pleasure. CO2 emissions combined: 210 g/km Further information about the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions for new passenger automobiles can be found in the "New Passenger Vehicle Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emission Guidelines", which are available free of charge at all sales outlets and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, HellmuthHirthStr. 1, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany.