News: Damen New Balance WR 996 AGN Schuhe Gelb Blau Weiß

Verffentlicht am: Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Damen New Balance WR 996 AGN Schuhe Gelb Blau WeißCompare my new mouse M325 with old Product experience with Mouse New Balance 996 (Blue Sky) My first Logitech Mouse is LS1. I've used it near 3 years and still in good condition. This black Friday I bought M325 for it's wireless characteristic, good looking and low price, while I've not got used to this new mouse. Since it was always supposed to have a better experience with new product, I write this for helping get some idea what customer feel and finally wish Logitech would create more great products ! M325 is lighter than LS1, which is supposed to be good. But I find it was difficult to choose the edge especially in drawing software. That make me feel like an old man with difficulty to hold a delicate thing, which would finally lead to a little depression and anger.

The weight of LS1 create a delicate balance between stop and move, which make me feel New Balance Damen I can kind of control the inertness of mouse then create a prefect 'drift' on drawing. 2. The size and shape LS1 is 12 cm longer than M325, which create a little more calm to fall my palm on. The great arcshaped also help to relax, which is very important for long time use. I feel more comfortable with the full and rounded shape of LS1. Do not understand why trouble to make hollow shape, it will just take more energy to click and hold the mouse. This is what I could not bear. The roller or M325 is too light but lower efficiency in page turning. I need twice or more movement compared to LS1. I think it's because the roller of M325 is too easy to slide while could not turn the page corresponding. Additionally, I can drag and move picture easily with press the LS1 roller, but M325 would just slide. Just let me feel waste much useless energy. It's kind of troublesome and both these two mouses could do nothing with the dust and light reflecting surface.