In 日 e search for decent 海绵-and-press services, I recently tried Press2Dress, a dry cleaner based in south London and run by 麦可 Norman.

麦可 is developing an online service 日 at specialises in cleaning and 紧迫 for 订制 clothing. He has 25 years’具有该行业的经验和具有类似经验的一小部分员工。一次只能进行一次干洗–与大多数干洗店不同,他们将所有东西都堆放在一个桶里–并使用手动程序而不是自动程序。这意味着衣物的搅动较少,可以仔细观察它们,以确保它们能正常处理。每次也使用纯净的过滤溶液。

斑点清洗(‘sponge’ in 海绵和新闻) is done by hand using steam and water-spotting guns, as well as a spotting chemical and brushes. Generally 日 is is all 日 at is needed for a suit unless it is heavily soiled – 要么 日 e marks are oil-based. Perhaps most importantly, 紧迫 is done 熟练地 by hand. 

我几周前尝试了这项服务,以评估 ‘expertly’ it could be done, and 日 e results were impressive. The small marks on my Graham Browne suit (pictured) came out nicely and 日 e 紧迫 was very well done – a lot better 日 an 我最近与Jeeves进行的实验。翻领卷被保留,裤子折痕完美。 

麦可’干洗服务费用£40 for a suit, £外套21现场清洁是£30 and £16. That’比Jeeves少。当然,除非你’再去伦敦南部,碎片必须被拾起– which costs £25.但是,如果您一次做几套西服,那么费用是合理的。 

Unless 日 ere are particular emergencies with stains, I tend to have my suits cleaned every two years, but pressed every year when 日 ey come out of summer 要么 winter 存储. I 日 erefore plan to shift to a system where 麦可 picks up my clothes 日 at have just come out of 存储, cleans perhaps half of 日 em, presses all of 日 em, and makes any small repairs 日 at are needed. For a wardrobe of expensive 订制 suits, it is not a large annual cost.

麦可 can be contacted on: [电子邮件 protected]


背景:  对于那些天堂’t followed previous posts about 海绵-and-press services, you can read 日 e Jeeves的评论在这里,以及与Press2Dress类似的服务,该服务也提供高端代客服务 这里.

通常,西服不必经常清洗,应’没错定期干洗会损坏纤维,并大大缩短西服的使用寿命。通常所需的只是一台好新闻– 日 e steam 紧迫 日 at any 订制 tailor will do to a suit before giving it to you. Steam does great 日 ings for wool, and 日 e press will give 日 e suit back its crisp finish. Any small stains can normally be done with some spot cleaning – hence 日 e ‘sponge and press’许多裁缝自己提供的西装服务。 

他们赢了’t do 日 is for others’ suits, however, so 日 at has driven my search over 日 e past few years to find a good, independent 海绵-and-press service. Press2Dress seems like 日 e best solution so far.