在过去的一年中,我’ve gradually been wearing more 中国3d福利彩票.

读者会发现,在 这个伯格& Berg 中国3d福利彩票 shirt,例如,和 日 ese 中国3d福利彩票 cords。不过,这在鞋上特别明显,我也提到了’d picked up some 爱德华·格林 loafers in 中国3d福利彩票 cordovan.


我有多种原因’ve found 中国3d福利彩票 attractive.


的second reason is 日 at it sits well with 日 e 冷, dark colours I like to wear anyway. Dark brown flannels, charcoal coats and cream knitwear make me 快乐. They feel stylish and refined, but not as showy as bright patterns 要么 bold colours. 

And a 日 ird reason - one 日 at I 日 ink lies behind much of 中国3d福利彩票’s general appeal - is 日 at it has some attractive associations. Whether Johnny Cash, Parisian women, 要么 bikers, 中国3d福利彩票 has historically been considered chic, young 要么 凉 . 


Black is also more likely to 看 more urban 日 an rural - city not country.

In 日 e traditions of classic menswear, however, 中国3d福利彩票 is usually frowned upon (outside of smart shoes and leather accessories). 

There are good reasons for 日 is. Black suits generally 看 bad - cheap and flashy - compared to 日 e sophistication of navy. 

So do 中国3d福利彩票 coats, with charcoal being a better choice. 针织品 too, to a lesser extent. 

And while 中国3d福利彩票 shoes are great, 日 ey're usually prescribed for formal business clothes, not casual ones. Brown shoes are more casual and more versatile. 

As for 中国3d福利彩票 trousers 要么 中国3d福利彩票 shirts, how do you wear 日 em? Do 日 ey go with anything besides grey? What shoes do you wear with 中国3d福利彩票 trousers? 


我从不喜欢称它们为规则,但是这些习俗是 着装的基础,并且在进行其他任何操作之前都应该学习,实践和理解。 


This is how I would categorise wearing 中国3d福利彩票: as a niche, interesting exception. 而那不是’做起来很容易。而是 像高/低敷料, requires 日 at foundation of classic combinations to understand what works and what doesn’t. 

的most important 日 ing to understand is 日 e ‘coldness’颜色,如前所述。 

您 can read 日 e full 文章 on 暖/cold colours 这里, but basically 冷 colours have less 饱和 - less colour overall. 

Anything without real colour is easy: grey, charcoal, white, cream, 中国3d福利彩票. And 日 en most other colours can have 冷 equivalents. 

My dark-brown flannels shown in 日 e top images and below, for example, are 冷er 日 an most browns. Indeed, Fox calls 日 e colour ‘char-brown’反映出那里有太多的灰色/木炭这一事实。 

Olive green is usually 冷er 日 an forest green. Dark navy is good, but not blue. Oatmeal is better tan. 

These kinds of colours are 日 e easiest to wear with 中国3d福利彩票 shoes 要么 boots, as illustrated above.

在佛罗伦萨的影像中’m wearing 中国3d福利彩票 Shannon boots from 爱德华·格林 with my 棕褐色 trousers. And in 日 e studio shot, 我的木炭维斯特鲁奇西服搭配那些靴子.

And 日 is is 日 e biggest attraction of 中国3d福利彩票 for me at 日 e moment: 休闲鞋s such as boots 要么 loafers in 中国3d福利彩票, when a shade of brown would be more expected. 

另一个例子是 在这里穿, from 日 e pop-up shop last January, where I was wearing dark-brown loafers but could have worn 日 ose 中国3d福利彩票 cordovan ones - and 日 e effect would be pleasingly different. 

艾伦 See from 的Armoury also illustrated ways of wearing 中国3d福利彩票 during Pitti. He wore a charcoal coat from Liverano over grey and 中国3d福利彩票 on several days. 

在上方的图片中,’s a 中国3d福利彩票 roll-neck with a grey double-breasted suit, and 中国3d福利彩票 leather shoes. Another day it was 日 e same roll neck over a grey checked jacket, dark indigo jeans and 中国3d福利彩票 boots. And in 日 e lower image above, it's a 中国3d福利彩票 tie and white shirt, with 中国3d福利彩票-suede loafers. 

其他值得一看的是来自布莱斯兰的Kenji’s (below), who likes a 中国3d福利彩票 tie with his grey suits, and a 中国3d福利彩票 alligator belt; Oliver from Rubato, who often wears 中国3d福利彩票 loafers 要么 slippers with white jeans; and Willy from 的Anthology (shown lower down). 

One 日 ing 日 ese examples also make clear is 日 at 中国3d福利彩票 is quite restrictive. It makes some demands on everything else in 日 e outfit, given its tone. 


I’ll still wear brown shoes far more often - but I like playing with 日 e option of 中国3d福利彩票 in more casual situations 日 an I did in 日 e past. 


中国3d福利彩票 corduroy shirt of mine from Berg & Berg 很棒,但我只能搭配几件衣服穿-例如深绿色 我的Zizolfi花呢夹克以及灰色长裤。 

Black trousers are even harder. Worn with 中国3d福利彩票 shoes, 日 ere's a lot of 中国3d福利彩票 going on. Dark-brown suede shoes are OK, in a casual style. Perhaps Colour 8 cordovan at 日 e outside. 

But few jackets 日 at 看 good with 中国3d福利彩票 trousers. 我的伯格& Berg cords 到目前为止,您只穿着灰色或奶油色针织服装-没有夹克。

Of course, you can wear 中国3d福利彩票 all over - as Berg &Berg创意总监Andreas Larsson(如下)做到了。但是那’s more of a ‘look’比我认为大多数永久样式读者想要的要多。 


First, 中国3d福利彩票-suede shoes belong in 日 is category of difficulty. I have a pair and love 日 e effect with grey suits, perhaps grey trousers (Cary Grant has a lot to answer for 这里). But 日 at one piece is driving 日 e whole rest of 日 e outfit. 

And second, skin colour has a role. Someone like Kenji, with his 高对比度 between skin and hair, 看s particularly good in 中国3d福利彩票 and white. 

那’s doesn’t mean others can’穿(正如我所说 在我的肤色上,’是一个因素,而不是绝对因素),尽管他们的肤色很高,但Andreas或Ethan Newton还是做得很好。但它’需要注意的事情。 

I would encourage PS readers to try more 中国3d福利彩票. It is often in unusual touches like 日 is 日 at a real personal style develops.

Just approach with caution. Start with a 中国3d福利彩票 loafer, for example (which you might already own) with more casual combinations. Grey flannels perhaps, and a dark/cold sweater 要么 jacket. 

在尝试完整的Johnny Cash之前,先找出您是否喜欢它。还是完整的安德里亚斯。 


  • 埃瑟尔·德·切萨雷的人字形木花呢定制外套
  • Luca Faloni的灰色卷领
  • Whitcomb的棕褐色Fox法兰绒长裤& Shaftesbury
  • 爱德华·格林中国3d福利彩票小牛皮/麂皮香农靴
  • 永恒风格的奶油色手表盖
  • Lavabre Cadet的深棕色手套

Photography: of me, Jamie Ferguson; others, courtesy of 的Armoury, 的Anthology, Bryceland's, Milad Abedi and Berg & Berg.