News: Neue Nike Air Max 90+87 Hyp Prm Schuhe Damen Grau Weiß

Verffentlicht am: Samstag, 12. April 2014

Neue Nike Air Max 90+87 Hyp Prm Schuhe Damen Grau WeißNike sports shoes in the innovation of fantastic sharp engineering Noted chaussures nike floor engineering science patents of invention in the end, there are numerous, DMX fleece is a alert floor absorbers, DMX mega, DMX micro, DMX 6, DMX 10 and so are the use of airbags shock concentration, padding usually bestknown as unstable gas , the system more often than not more than two chambers, Air Max 90+87 a channel online to the gas chamber in the two free flow of air to achieve the paddings around the turn of the outcome of the palm, but the paddings ability of good and plastic enough early DMX will sink into longterm sports lead to weariness, and now the and DMX foam, literally will know this is not a fine gas absorber, but to use the distensible paddings material to act as a sponge placed in the sole to solve the DMX part of the problem survives.

Noted nike air max is made by far the nearly top sports air max engineering, can concentrate up to 20% of the leg heftiness wear and wear, so that the campaign difficulty and intensity of trailing have been greatly amended. Bestknown nike tn is projected to provide for sports wear soft universal feel, while saving and return of push. ZigTech special outsole design, using an forward light foam cloth, to be a master ergonomic molding, made into a striking zigzag design. ZigTech R D Team Leader, Bill? McGinnis said: "The conformist focus solely on the muscularity return engineering Air Max Damen to subdue the impingement on the chronic encroachment of the knee, and the particular serrated ZigTech soles not only slow down the impact of knee movement, with more step progressive with the front every step along the ragged crosswise transfer vitality, will be discharged back to the natural trend itself, to feel the return trend of push from the foot. " 20% of the cuttingedge applied science the key to cut leg sinew, tibia and hamstring injuries, with ZigTech light resilient outsole and little upper, developing wear nike shox passing shoes can make checking more sustainable, more efficient working checking shoes can be said that the another example.