News: Nike Air Max Lunar 90 C3.0 Schuhe Damen Schwarz Blau Rosa

Verffentlicht am: Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 C3.0 Schuhe Damen Schwarz Blau RosaAir Max Shoes Komlaui can Air Max Shoes Komlaui can say that it is now in the entire game only on the concept of strong no player, even those players who have been eliminated out of the finals, various messages in the media and sports which has the strong this sudden Big Mac in Beaumont are familiar with. Some amateur direct claims to have strong has become their idols, only Komlaui the language barrier has not met the strong players will hold easy of mind strong and vulnerable to the war, knowing that the opponent must know if you have a good strong style, if once you think of playing tricks? Find child abuse? Absolutely beat you refuse to come down, if you have a good strong maybe in the end the game will serve to you, but once you let Yi Qiang think opposite the guy bad mood? I am sorry! Cut my hair was light! All kinds of oppressionplay is definitely one after a while walking the dog while walking fish, definitely let you know what is called the essence of dreadful appearance! In an obvious is much stronger than your opponent hand is child abuse? Absolute will make opponents feel this sentiment produced quit tennis, of course, now be hit directly by Yi Qiang quit tennis still does not appear, as for the future? Then maybe! After the toss is complete, strong open his rival property, property of the Nike Air Max 2011 opponent that he suddenly has a stunning feeling! Stunning! Air Max Damen Absolutely stunning! "Players information, name: Komlaui, age: 22 aged, history record: 02 South Africa tennis hope match qualification match third wheel, Spain Madrid satellite match finals 3 wheel ATP52 integral: no, yearend occupational ranking: no, usage hand: right hand, property: forces 82 speed 78 reaction 55 physical 79 technology: serve 42 back ball 47 backhand 38 hand 41 network Qian 27 presentenced 39, spirit: competition focused 37 antipressure 58 key ball 41 (full value 100 occupational standard 60)" This guys body of sth What to say! Physical fitness, absolute good! Don know if Africa is specifically raising such a violent guy to come out! Has with very good of fitness, but tennis technology indeed only said General as, this technology placed in amateur players who may also can said good, but as occupational players such of data on only said difference has,Nike Air Max 95 course Yi Qiang also not does not understanding why so difference of property will into finals, although tennis is a item stress technology of movement, but in stress technology of while, fitness also occupy has is important of status, tie with General of but and also can of technology, with powerful of fitness oppression opponent, on Shang General half occupational players also is is worked of, but wants to against has real has occupational standard of opponent, light by these course is enough of, as long as found weaknesses does not need special to attack, just to stability to back ball,, with you active errors on enough has, then large of forces no suitable play out it of tools also only on with fitness equipment vent has !

The start of the Men MBT Shoes game! Strong service game, and the old black brothers of Africa than Yi Qiang luck this time won, after you get the right to serve, Yi Qiang began considering how to play the game, Yi Qiang does not know the opponents do not know your number, but opponents seem so easy, let Yi Qiang will naturally doubt are rivals have relied on? However Flash Yi Qiang on to this may to excluded has, easy strong for system in tennis field Shang of performance also is is believe of, opponent of property early has plain surface now own eyes, if really to said opponent has relies on that on only is that a good of fitness has, but but relies on fitness if really can get victory that early in past of competition in the performance out has, why to, and own competition of when? Women MBT Shoes To know the first and second rounds of the first half strong has not behaved so strong, television publicity only mysterious player this stunt not possible because of this poor speculation early Air Max Lunar 90 strength under the reservoir. Uncertainty of rival Super body and what kind of technology will not response, Yi Qiang also is to take the start trial tactics, blow zhongguizhongju outer cornercutting open the prelude to the tournament! "15:0! " Easy strong of serve in increases Hou has reached has 74, especially in forces also has 70 of situation Xia, issued of has to reached up to 210 km above of speed has, and such of ball also can with Shang cut ball, received up does more difficulties, more mention Yi Qiang first ball made was is is beautiful not only crimping also playing was is deep, opening first a on ACE ball also like in Auditorium in the lost Xia has a star bomb as, touch to a sound explosion has up! "Strong players with one ball beautiful outer corner ACE serve start of today game, easy to maintain strong players feel the usual excellent serve, the ball speed up to 214 kilometers of abnormal placement also beautiful Mbt Sandals!