News: Billig Damen New Balance 999 Schuhe Weinrot Dunkelblau

Verffentlicht am: Samstag, 06. Dezember 2014

Billig Damen New Balance 999 Schuhe Weinrot DunkelblauBrand new F510 gamepad faulty DPAD Recently i've been going back to some old platformer games like various Mario games and such. Also picking up some new fighters like Street Fighter IV on my pc. So i decided to buy my first ever gamepad for PC. New Balance 999 I thought Logitech products were the way to go. I've really been satisfied with their excelent mice and speaker systems for example. So yesterday i went and got myself a brand new F510 rumble gamepad. Installed it just fine with the correct software with no big fuss. But it seems the controllers DPAD has some problem. every other direction "arrow" works just fine but the left one. I have to use significantly more force to get the left "arrow" of the DPAD to respond.

Even the upper left and lower left directions seems ok. So this uneven balance of the controls is really destructive in fast phased platformers and fighting games. I found another post from few years back with the same kind of a problem:So could it be New Balance Damen some kind of software conflict or has the quality of DPADs plummeted so drastically from the Super Nintendo times? (Still have SNES and 2 controlers that work absolutely perfectly after 15+ years of age, so you know i treat my hardware with care xD) Other info: Using Windows Vista 64 bit, service pack 2 Logitech gaming software 5.10 Also ripped off any other USB device i had connected at the same time (Wacom tablet and a Printer) but no effect. Tried switching USB ports for the gamepad. No effect. Cleared the Windows registery from possible previous controler calibratons with the correct tools and reinstalled the pads software few times. No effect.