News: Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro Schuhe Damen - Schwarz/Weiß/Rot

Verffentlicht am: Mittwoch, 07. Januar 2015

Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro Schuhe Damen - Schwarz/Weiß/RotBMW 1 Series Convertible The airbag system in the BMW 1 Series Convertible consists of driver and passenger airbags together with two head/thorax airbags. Whereas the frontal airbags provide best possible protection in headon collisions, Air Jordan Retro 6 the head/thorax airbags come into effect in the event of a side impact. Thanks to their especially large volume, these bags reliably protect the chest and head areas of driver and passenger. Built in to the outer sides of the front seats, the head/thorax airbags are ideally located regardless of seat position.

A twostage gas generator enables each airbag to be inflated differently to match the force of Jordan Damen the impact. In a highimpact accident, the airbags inflate with minimum delay and to their fullest extent to provide maximum protection. If the collision is less severe, inflation is not as instantaneous, meaning that the airbags can cushion the occupants more gently. The precise timing and wellregulated triggering of the airbag system thus guarantee you maximum safety in every situation.