News: Damen New Balance ML 574 UTO Schuhe Blau Weiß

Verffentlicht am: Dienstag, 31. März 2015

2013 Damen New Balance ML 574 UTO Schuhe Blau WeißC510 and C910 Can I t Thats not exactly true, I purchased the c910 based off of this thread and found that in fact you cannot manually adjust the white balance, even with the right light settings turned off. and as far as focus, all of them with exception of the c910 are static focused and cannot be adjusted at all. Don't get me wrong. The C910 is an incredible camera with a picture that can't be matched for the price. However logitech's choice to remove certain "standard features" such as white balance in their webcam software version 2.0 is extremely misguided. If ever you plan to have complete control over all of your camera's settings I would advise you not to purchase this item as, after many phone calls to support, I have found out that there are no plans to adjust this problem in the future. I bought a C910 for testing purposes before I could by another 30 pieces fot my business. The lack of white balance and sharpness made quit buying the rest of the cameras unless this problem is solved. Other than that, the digital zoom only works if you click + or signs. Although you have a slider, you cannot drag it with the mouse. Repeated clicking is annoying. Hey! I make my living as a camgirl and I need to look as good as I can on camera! I am stuck using the Logitech 9000 because it gives me the best flesh tones. Thank you logitech for ruining a great product like the c910, I ordered it but I look so pale I look like the living dead! If this is as simple as turning off the auto white balance then have that option under the advanced tab in your software. Also if you want to make sure newbies don't mess things up then you put a fail safe when you click on advance options. Are you sure you want to continue. You may click on default at anytime to restore to factory settings. The Lack of turning off Auto balance was because your programmers ARE LAZY!!!! The didn't want to include it =) SHAME ON YOU LOGITECH FOR BEING LAZY AND LIMITING YOUR PRODUCTS BY RELEASING BAD SOFTWARE WITH LIMITED OPTIONS FOR THE ADVANCED USER. Why make something not as good as it can be? I mean seriously =) IF something can be better New Balance 574 why not do it? If you can't tell i'm furious about this and will have to go back to using my Digital Camcorder for sharpness. Yes, I'm another C910 user who is dissatisfied by Logitech's omission of a white balance feature.

The Logitech agent who commented earlier who suggested the omission of the white balance option was to make the software easier to use doesn't understand that the most likely user of a C910 webcam is someone who requires more software features!! New Balance Damen They will want to optimise their webcam in the best way they see fit. They cannot do that. With this in mind, the C910 simply cannot be recommended. Yes, the video quality is outstanding, but such quality becomes meaningless when skin tones are rendered in a very unnatural way (Pinky/red blotchy appearance is shown on faces which cannot be removed). The only reason why I have kept the C910 was because I believed the software provided with the camera was a very early release version that would be developed over time with more features being added (including a white balance) if this is no longer the case, not only will I consider returning the webcam, it's unlikely I will purchase any more webcams from Logitech in the future. This would be a shame as Logitech have always been the market leaders in good quality, affordable webcams. Why make your new product inferior to old product? If you ask me, from these shots the c910 looks better than the webcam pro 9000. However, I notice you are shooting the photo in a mode of the webcam pro 9000 that is using interpolation which makes it blurry and pixelated. I know the logitech software doesn't use the best modes of the webcam to shoot photos or videos and ends up hiding the best qualities of the webcam from the user. Try amcap and set your webcam mode at one of the modes using 15 fps and you'll see how much better things look. 640x360, 640x480, 800x600, 864x480. Those modes at 15fps result in stunning photos from the webcam. The video looks great too though the frame rate will not be as smooth.